Boxing, Martial Art, and Fitness Challenge

With the increasing real and present danger of gangs, drugs, and violence among teens, The Youth Corps of America, Inc. has stepped up to the challenge and has created a youth alternative. The Old School Gym is home to full contact fighters both amateur and professional. We work with streetwise youth and give them opportunities to develop self-respect, discipline, and a can do attitude. This safe zone provides youth a place to go during evening hours when most crimes are taking place. Boxing requires a unique one on one commitment untouched by many sports. Youth learn how to develop both their minds and bodies through the tough rigors and strict training program we provide. Our boxing program has given many youth the strength, character and spirit to become champions. We offer tournament participation and continue to be active members of the United States Boxing Association. This elite membership allows us to compete at all levels including Olympic competition.

For those who do not want to learn boxing, we offer martial arts, both soft and hard styles. Youth become committed to earning belt promotions and before long understand the art of peace. Both boxing and martial arts require instruction from experienced mentors, which creates unique bonds of trust and eventually lead to mentoring and life coaching. Because many of these youth have not done so well in academics, we also provide homework help and tutors. Our goal is to build these youth into productive members of society by instilling respect for self and others and showing them that they can achieve any goal they set. The Old School Gym follows the footsteps of great trainers and mentors such as Joseph Agredano, and often times seek guidance and training from him. Success leaves clues.